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We create bespoke reception desks, bespoke reception counters and other furniture for retail spaces, commercial buildings, exhibitions and cafes.

Bespoke reception counters and custom reception desks are the best way to make a first impression on a potential customer or client when they walk through the door. Whether you want to exude a feeling of professionalism, a warm and welcoming atmosphere or just bring a modern feel to your space, we can make bespoke office reception desks, salons and much more to fit your needs. We approach every custom reception desk design with your business in mind, including branding, storage and more – we employ a talented team of designers and builders with over 25 years experience to make every bespoke reception desk perfect! By creating a practical reception desk design and using a range of premium and high quality materials, we can help you create the perfect bespoke reception desk for your business or offices!

We have bespoke reception desks for sale for retail spaces, commercial buildings, exhibitions and cafes. Our dedicated project management team will collaborate with you on all aspects of your retail installation to ensure full delivery and installation, according to your needs, requirement and budget, making sure you’re happy with your bespoke reception desk every step of the way. Every bespoke reception desk for sale is created with your design requirements in mind, ensuring it’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Ideal Bespoke Reception Desk Settings

When people think of modern reception desks, their mind immediately pictures a typical office building – with advancements in design and manufacturing technologies, bespoke reception counters and bespoke shop counters are suitable for far more than a classic office scenario, with reception desk designs suited to any environment:

Salon Reception Desks

Becoming increasingly popular all around the world, custom salon reception desks are a great way to make an impact on customers. With our salon reception counter designs able to perfectly fit in with your existing colours and space available, we can make an impressive salon reception desk affordably and without compromising on quality.

Hotel Reception Desks

The measure of a good hotel can be determined by its feel as you walk through the door; customers greeted with a sleek and stylish bespoke hotel reception desk are going to feel more comfortable with their choice of accommodation for the night! With a range of both functional and aesthetic features available, we can help with the perfect hotel reception desk design for you, and improve the customer experience from the second they walk through the door. Every hotel reception desk for sale is completely personalised for your business.

Office Reception Desks

Of course, all of our custom reception desks and counters are also suitable for traditional office spaces. We can create office reception desks which perfectly fit in with the feel of your brand, and are also able to provide graphics and signage if needed. Whether you need something specific or are creating a welcoming space for clients, we can make bespoke office reception desks that work for your office space.

Our RECEPTION DESK Capabilities

Creating a modern and stylish finish on your bespoke reception desks is a top priority for us, which is why we work with a range of first-rate materials and finishes to help perfect your dream reception counter. Choose from metalwork, acrylic, glass and Corian finishes to give your curved reception desk that unique touch.

We also excel when it comes to using wood to create a custom feel on every commercial reception desk for any type of establishment. We use a wide variety of different types of woods in every project, including MDF, plywood and a range of hardwoods, softwoods and veneers to give your bespoke reception desk that perfect finish.

Personalised Reception Desk Design & Build Service

We pride ourselves on offering a personalised custom reception desk design and build process to ensure we understand the requirements and specifications of your reception desk ideas. When you first get in touch, give us any ideas you have for your custom reception desk design – even if they’re not very in depth! Our professional and experienced design team will work with you to advance your idea into a complete concept, producing drawings and rendered bespoke reception counter designs along the way. Once we’ve added the final touches and built in all of the functionality you need, we’ll pass the approved design for your brand new reception desk to our builders.

Our experienced builders will start making your reception counter plans a reality, using hand sourced materials and the best tools available to ensure there’s no margin for error. Your assigned project manager will be able to keep you up to date with how everything is progressing, and can even organise for delivery and installation once your modern reception desk is finished!

Custom Reception Desk FAQ’s

  • Can you install our custom reception desks?

    Installing your new reception desk can be a tricky business, which is why we’re more than happy to both deliver and install your new hotel, office or salon reception desk at your premises. Let us do the hard work for you!

  • Can you refresh the theme of our bespoke reception desks?

    It’s easy to introduce a new theme onto your already existing reception desk – it can be as simple as replacing any graphic panels, signage and changing the lighting to create a different aesthetic. If you’d like any additional features built into your bespoke reception counter and the original design allows for it, we’ll happily add or remove elements to suit you!

  • How quickly can you deliver our reception counter?

    We do our best to deliver reception desks and bespoke reception counters quickly, but due to the highly bespoke nature of our design and build process, it’s very hard to give an accurate answer. Get in touch and let us know what you had in mind for your new custom reception desk, including any features and specs, to receive a more accurate quote for how long it might take!

We create retail counters and bespoke reception desks for many different environments and purposes – from exhibition stands, retail merchandising units and even shop window displays, our display units are boldly executed to make their presence known in locations such as the Institution of Civil engineers and shopping destinations such as Liberties in London. Space is the only limit when it comes to creating a striking reception desk design, so let us help you create a visually stunning and practical reception counter for your business or offices.

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