How To Attract Visitors To Your Exhibition Stand

The Heart of Exhibition Success


Exhibitions and trade shows are vibrant platforms for businesses to showcase their products and services, connect with potential clients, and gauge industry trends. In these bustling hubs, attracting visitors to your exhibition stand is crucial for maximising your presence and achieving your business objectives. However, amidst the energetic and often crowded event space, standing out and drawing the attention of attendees can be challenging.

Attracting visitors to your stand is both an art and a science. Drawing on over two decades of industry-leading experience, The London Display Company has established itself as a cornerstone in the exhibition world. Our expertise lies in expertly blending innovative design with cutting-edge technology to create exhibition stands that are not just visually stunning, but also highly effective in attracting and engaging visitors. In this guide, we delve into the key strategies and insights that will help make your exhibition stand a focal point for attendees, driving meaningful interactions and business opportunities.


First we’ll delve into key pre-event strategies and at-the-event tactics to ensure your exhibition stand is the focal point for attendees, driving meaningful interactions and business opportunities.

Pre-Event Strategies


1. Prepare Early 

The groundwork for a successful exhibition experience starts long before the event day. Effective preparation involves a multi-faceted approach, including targeted event marketing and leveraging bespoke exhibition stand solutions.

  • Invitations and Social Media Buzz: Begin by sending out personalised invites to your target audience. Utilise social media platforms to create excitement about your presence at the event. Consistent promotion on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can significantly increase awareness and anticipation.
  • Scheduling Appointments: To ensure quality interactions, consider scheduling appointments with key prospects or clients ahead of the event. This not only guarantees face-to-face time but also shows a level of commitment and personalisation.


2. Contact Attendees and Existing Clients

It’s important to remind both potential and existing clients about your exhibition stand:

  • Reach Out to Registered Attendees: Engage registered attendees with personalised exhibit teasers, showcasing your exhibition stand designs and innovative display technology. A personalised email or message can create a sense of anticipation. Mention any unique aspects of your stand, such as giveaways or special demonstrations, to pique interest.
  • Value Your Existing Clients: Don’t assume your current clients will visit automatically. Offer them a compelling reason to stop by your stand, like exclusive offers or valuable giveaways that go beyond typical promotional items.


3. Promote Before the Show

Building buzz before the show can significantly impact the foot traffic to your stand:

  • Engage in Online Conversations: Use official event hashtags to join online discussions related to the event. This not only increases your visibility but also helps in networking with other participants.
  • Utilise Various Marketing Channels: From e-newsletters and blog posts to digital advertisements, adopt a range of marketing channels to promote your presence at the exhibition. Remember, many attendees plan their visit in advance, and your stand should be on their must-visit list.


4. Engage with Trade Publications and Influencers

Garnering attention from trade publications and online influencers can amplify your presence:

  • Trade Publications: Network with industry-specific publications and showcase your expertise. Pitch your story or any exciting news related to your exhibit. This can lead to valuable pre-event coverage.
  • Collaboration with Influencers: Connect with influencers and bloggers in your industry. Their endorsement or mention of your stand can attract a broader audience and lend credibility to your exhibit.


In the next section, we will explore the tactics to implement during the event to ensure your stand not only attracts visitors but also engages them effectively.


Maximising Engagement During the Exhibition


Once the exhibition is underway, the focus shifts to maximising engagement with the visitors at your stand. Here are effective strategies to attract and retain the interest of attendees, turning your exhibition space into a hub of activity and interaction.


1. Create an Unforgettable Experience

Crafting an immersive experience at your stand can significantly draw visitors. Consider the following:

  • Interactive Technology: Utilise cutting-edge tech like virtual reality and augmented interactive displays to create engaging experiences. This not only entertains the visitors but also provides them with a memorable interaction associated with your brand.
  • Unique Displays: Design your stand to be visually appealing and distinctive. Bold graphics, dynamic displays, and interactive touch points can make your stand a must-visit location at the event.


Exhibition Stand Ideas

Check out our exhibition stand ideas guide for examples and inspiration on creating something truly unique!


2. Engagement through Games and Contests

Interactive games and contests are excellent ways to engage visitors:

  • Fun Challenges: Incorporate games or quizzes related to your industry or products. This can be an enjoyable way for visitors to learn about your offerings while participating in something engaging.
  • Contests with Prizes: Host contests with attractive prizes. This not only draws visitors but also provides an opportunity for your team to interact and collect valuable leads.


We went big on an interactive gaming stand with Playson recently, with some cracking results for the brand. 


3. Active Social Media Engagement

Keep your audience engaged through social media:

  • Live Updates: Share live updates from the event on your social media channels. Use the event’s hashtags to increase visibility.
  • Interactive Posts: Encourage visitors to engage with your brand online by posting about their experiences at your stand.



4. Providing Refreshments and Comfort

A welcoming environment can be a significant draw:

  • Offer Refreshments: Simple offerings like beverages and snacks can make your stand a pleasant stop for tired attendees.
  • Relaxation Zone: Create a comfortable area within your stand where visitors can relax. Comfortable seating and a calm ambiance can provide a much-needed respite, making your stand a memorable spot.



5. Utilise Striking Visuals and Branding

Your stand’s visual appeal plays a crucial role in attracting visitors:

    • Bold Design and Graphics: Use striking visuals and clear messaging to catch the eye of attendees from afar.
    • Consistent Branding: Ensure that every element of your stand reflects your brand identity, creating a cohesive and professional appearance.



6. Leveraging Technology

Make the most of technological advancements to enhance visitor experience:

  • Digital Displays: Employ high-resolution LED screens and interactive touchscreens for dynamic product showcases.
  • Free Wi-Fi: Offering free Wi-Fi can be a significant draw, especially in tech-focused events. This can also be used as a lead generation tool.

By implementing these strategies, you can ensure that your exhibition stand not only attracts visitors but also provides them with an engaging and memorable experience. In the next section, we’ll explore the importance of post-event follow-ups to capitalise on the connections made during the event.


Follow Up: Capitalising on Connections Made

The exhibition might be over, but the opportunity to nurture leads and build on the connections made is just beginning. Effective post-event follow-up is crucial to convert these leads into lasting business relationships.


1. Timely Follow-Up Communications

  • Immediate Reach Out: Deploy post-event engagement strategies, including personalised email campaigns, leveraging insights from the exhibition’s attendee engagement data.
  • Personalised Approach: Personalise the follow-ups based on the interactions you had. Mention specific details discussed at the stand to demonstrate attentiveness and a genuine interest in their business needs.



2. Use Your In-House Mailing List

  • Engage with Attendees and Clients: Lean on your in-house mailing list to reach out to existing customers who visited your stand and new contacts. Offer additional information, discounts, or incentives to encourage further engagement.


3. Analyse and Act on Feedback

  • Gather Insights: Take time to analyse the feedback and data collected during the event. What worked well? What can be improved?
  • Strategic Improvements: Use these insights for strategic improvements in future exhibitions and to tailor your offerings more effectively to your target audience.



Turning Exhibition Opportunities into Business Success


Attracting visitors to your exhibition stand is an art that requires creativity, strategic planning, and a touch of technological innovation.

At The London Display Company, we specialise in bringing these elements together to create bespoke exhibition stands that not only attract attention but also leave a lasting impression. With our expertise in custom-built designs, interactive technology, and engaging marketing strategies, we are committed to transforming your next exhibition experience into a resounding success. 

And remember, each exhibition is a learning experience. Continuously refine your approach, stay abreast of industry trends, and remain open to innovative ideas. This way, you’ll not only attract visitors to your stand but also leave a lasting impression that resonates well beyond the event.

Let us help you stand out in the crowd and turn your exhibition vision into a reality.

Contact us today to start crafting a bespoke exhibition stand that truly represents your brand and captivates your audience.