Check this out…

Check this out…

One of the things we love about the exhibition industry is its ability to wow us. With designers from all over the world contributing new, innovative designs, and accessibility to these creations at our fingertips, we can continue to be challenged and moved by an ever-changing industry.Following this attitude to provoke and excite, we were thrilled to stumble across this design by SET-architects, which certainly has the wow factor.

Without putting too fine a point on it, we think this looks incredible! The designers have created something special here, using biodegradable black cloth to wrap around the steel frame. In doing so, the designers have established distinct areas within the stand for individuals to focus on the display sections within.The display sits in the foyer of Florim’s flagship store in Milan, against a backdrop of floor to ceiling windows. The flow of light from the windows and the light installations above subtly highlights the weave of the cloth, illuminating sections of the 1-metre spaces within.

Looking at the structure itself, one might assume it is a permanent fixture within the store. It may come as a surprise to discover it is in fact a modular stand. In many ways this makes it more remarkable.  Modular builds are brilliant for ease of construction and sleek, well-finished stands. But it’s not often that you are presented with a modular stand that has such a unique design and finish. That is the beauty of this stand though. It’s simple, almost basic in its design. Yet it looks fresh, unusual, and leaves you wanting to experience it in real life. A true beauty.

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