Detailed spaces through fabric

How do we create temporary installations that precisely replicate the details, angles and even textures of a real place? For exhibitors and exhibition designers, material limits and costs make this a challenging … Continued

A new perspective

Something has been placed in the Winterfold (no, not Winterfell) Forest in Surrey to lure city dwellers out to the countryside for a change. We all know Surrey for its … Continued

London Design Festival 2016

This festival of design and architecture is upon us once more. And there are a vast number of iconic buildings and venues featuring innovative displays along with special exhibitions from … Continued

On your bike

If the success of the Olympic cycling team got you motivated over the summer, or if the Paralympic athletes currently competing has inspired you, it’s time to take action and … Continued

Total Design

It’s time we learnt more about total design and the man behind the concept, Ove Arup (1895-1988). There are few who have influenced the world of engineering in the 20th … Continued

Outside the box

We all crave something different and exciting. Whilst the known is comforting, the unknown is where excitement and intrigue are introduced. The event industry is no different. The organisers behind … Continued