Healthy UK exhibition industry spurs positive outlook for 2017

An annual report recently published by the UFI (the global association of the exhibitions industry), indicates healthy growth within the global exhibitions industry and indeed within the UK sector. The UFI’s Barometer report began in 2009, and uses biannual survey data from real businesses in the industry to evaluate economic trends and industry patterns. The … Continued

Detailed spaces through fabric

How do we create temporary installations that precisely replicate the details, angles and even textures of a real place? For exhibitors and exhibition designers, material limits and costs make this a challenging task. When the brief is to replicate the feel of an imagined or real space in excruciating detail, creative solutions are required. Exhibition stand designers can draw … Continued

Recognising sustainable development in the exhibition industry

The question’s being put to us – How can the exhibition industry and a city, region or country work together to facilitate sustainable development? As many push for a greener, more efficient and socially responsible world, we’re recognising more of the pioneering initiatives that exist in our industry. Global associations like The UFI, are propping up such projects … Continued

Transforming trade shows with augmented reality

Irrespective of industry, trade show vendors compete fiercely to draw visitors to their stands at their key events throughout the year. And as we head into 2017, we’ll continue to see cutting edge technologies being utilised to create maximum buzz and engagement. The world’s biggest tech companies, including Microsoft and Google, are investing millions to develop … Continued

A new perspective

Something has been placed in the Winterfold (no, not Winterfell) Forest in Surrey to lure city dwellers out to the countryside for a change. We all know Surrey for its great real estate, Guildford and….good commuter links? But now just an hour from London Waterloo we can stop off at the local train station Gomshall … Continued

London Design Festival 2016

This festival of design and architecture is upon us once more. And there are a vast number of iconic buildings and venues featuring innovative displays along with special exhibitions from world-renowned architects and designers dotted across London to be explored. With so much variety on offer you can’t fail to be impressed by these visionary … Continued

On your bike

If the success of the Olympic cycling team got you motivated over the summer, or if the Paralympic athletes currently competing has inspired you, it’s time to take action and visit The Cycle Show at Birmingham’s NEC. In its 15th year and expected to welcome more than 27,000 visitors, this exhibition brings 3 days’ worth … Continued

Things your staff should not do at a trade show

You can pay good money for an excellent exhibition stand, designed to your exacting specifications to attract clients, promote the business and provide opportunities to sell. However, whether clients will choose to take a closer look at your products and engage in your brand can depend heavily on factors other than your stand design. The … Continued

Total Design

It’s time we learnt more about total design and the man behind the concept, Ove Arup (1895-1988). There are few who have influenced the world of engineering in the 20th century as much as Ove Arup. The legacy he has left behind includes the Opera House and Centre Pompidou, not to mention the company Arup, … Continued

Outside the box

We all crave something different and exciting. Whilst the known is comforting, the unknown is where excitement and intrigue are introduced. The event industry is no different. The organisers behind events are now seeking out new and different venues to host events and challenge our clients with new opportunities. But it is often a challenge … Continued