2016 Festival

London Design Festival 2016

This festival of design and architecture is upon us once more. And there are a vast number of iconic buildings and venues featuring innovative displays along with special exhibitions from world-renowned architects and designers dotted across London to be explored. With so much variety on offer you can’t fail to be impressed by these visionary designs. You can jump on a tube and head to some hidden locations of architectural triumph such as Alison Brooks architects’ The Smile with Arup. Situated adjacent to Tate Britain, the 34m long structure takes the shape of a smile, which as The London Design Festival states, allows ‘light to wash across its curved floor like water across a spillway’. Or take a trip over to some of London’s best known attractions including the V&A and Somerset House. Both have partnered up with the festival to show off some of the best artists and architects around.

One to look out for is FOIL by Benjamin Huber of Layer, who has collaborated with Braun at the V&A to produce something quite spectacular. The exhibition is described as an installation comprising ‘50,000 mirror-finish stainless steel panels on a 20-metre by 1.2-metre undulating ribbon that runs down the length of the gallery and is driven by a high-power German motor in a constant sine-wave motion. Light from LEDs reflects off the panelled surface to create a slowly morphing and evocative pattern of scattered light, moving across the walls and ceiling of the gallery’ (The London Design Festival 2016).

We urge you to go and explore these amazing exhibitions whilst you still have the chance!

Let us not fail to mention, we had our very own build taking part in the LDF16, which was our installation on Cromwell Mews street, South Kensington. This was for our returning client, Iguzzini to which we installed the Light Pollination Experience.


front     Light pollination inside 2    DSC_0528

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