Outside the box

Outside the box

We all crave something different and exciting. Whilst the known is comforting, the unknown is where excitement and intrigue are introduced. The event industry is no different. The organisers behind events are now seeking out new and different venues to host events and challenge our clients with new opportunities. But it is often a challenge to come up with somewhere that doesn’t break the bank but still brings in the business we are all seeking. An article from Event News takes a look at the ways in which organisers are getting creative and looking at alternative options for events in our major cities. They focus on Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) and highlight some of the ways in which they have been thinking ‘outside the box’ in Clerkenwell when it comes to event spaces.

‘To celebrate this rich and diverse community, CDW showcases leading UK and international design brands and companies, through a series of exhibitions, installations and live events across spaces ranging from the Crypt of St James, the House of Detention, Brewhouse Yard, Goldsmiths’ Centre, Spa Fields, the Garden of St James, the Order of St John and Fabric nightclub to name but a few. The seventh edition of the commercial design festival, held on 24-26 May this year, welcomed more than 34,970 visitors, 90 local showrooms and over 300 exhibiting brands.Delivered through a distinct format, the creative sector clustered across eight exhibition venues, more than 150 local business, 400 events and a series of original site-specific installations.’

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Why not take a look at some of our designs and start thinking about the next place you envisage your next exhibition!

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