Transforming trade shows with augmented reality

Transforming trade shows with augmented reality

Irrespective of industry, trade show vendors compete fiercely to draw visitors to their stands at their key events throughout the year. And as we head into 2017, we’ll continue to see cutting edge technologies being utilised to create maximum buzz and engagement.

The world’s biggest tech companies, including Microsoft and Google, are investing millions to develop amazingly sophisticated augmented reality software. Augmented reality (AR), superimposes computer generated images onto a user’s environment, with the use of handheld devices or headsets. AR can allow businesses to bring their spaces to life, and it seems designers creations are only limited by their imaginations. The advantage of AR for exhibitors, is that these objects are not limited by material properties because they are, in effect, imaginary.

Watch Microsoft’s Hololense here, to see just how interactive the technology can be.

An Ocean world at Messukeskus Helsinki

This month, Finland’s largest event venue, Messukeskus Helsinki, will implement augmented reality for permanent public use. The app, developed by quirky AR start-up Immersal Ltd., will be available for apple and android devices, and will transform the venue into an vibrant world, complete with life-size ocean wonders. It will be one of the first AR developments to operate on such a large scale, and will serve both functional and interactive entertainment purposes.

Users will be able to direct themselves to points of interest, locate other users and friends, and interact with exhibitor and event based content. Technology experts are claiming that AR will replace traditional computers, and Messukeskus seems to be getting on board early.

Take a look at the this live demo at the venue. If you look closely you can see just how sophisticated the application will be, with the locations of key rooms and other users being displayed in real time, and in three dimensions.



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