The Brief

The Design Brief

As the client, the most essential part of your exhibition stand is the design brief. It is the method in which you communicate your needs to the designers and project managers of your build and, as such, must consist of some key elements, such as:

1) It must outline the objectives of your build and your intended outcomes from the build.
2) It must ideally convey the feel of the design that you are looking for, giving the designers as much information as you can on the business image you want to convey with this design.
3) It must clearly specify who you are aiming to attract to your stand as this will affect the design of the stand.


To get an idea of how this works with us, you can visit and download our design brief. Once completed, the design process itself can commence. At The London Display Company that means the project management team can begin to liaise with the design team on the specifications of the design brief. That means we can translate your requirements into the perfect stand, like some of the examples above.

Alternatively, If you would like to go through this in person or on the phone, this may be the preferred route to jointly create this brief!

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Covid-19 Update

We’re open and back to work!

As we continue to adapt our designs and response to how we will build exhibition spaces throughout 2020 and beyond, we look at ways to better improve the built environment following COVID.

Regarding UK public exhibitions, we’re continuing to keep a close eye on governmental guidelines and maintaining communication with our valued clients. Any updates and protocols that may come into play tailored to the events & exhibition industry, we’re here and ready to assist you.

As we come out of the lockdown in the UK, we expect an influx of projects to return where earlier shows have been postponed to later in the year. We will do our best to facilitate last minute orders but strongly recommend giving us early notice where possible.

Internationally, we’re already back to work, delivering our projects and services overseas as many EU nations open up.