We're Responsive

We’re Responsive

When it comes to re-designing a website that is user-friendly, there are numerous factors to incorporate, such as: clear, bold text; a reduced number of clicks to a particular page; less text and more images; an easily navigable homepage. The question for us was, how do we translate this for our clients into a site that can be accessible through multiple different devices? It’s no secret that responsive design has become a front-runner for businesses looking to provide an extended user experience that can be accommodated on both desktops and tablets along with mobile-friendly navigation. With so many potential gains for our clients, it wasn’t a difficult decision to come up with a website design that could be translated onto other devices without losing its effectiveness as our primary marketing tool.

Responsive design allows you to navigate through our site quickly, with only one URL to load, making it much faster than a mobile website. Plus it can be loaded on multiple different screens. But do we have the same impact on a phone compared to a desktop? Considering the size and scale of some of our designs, it’s a challenge to showcase them to our clients in such a way as to make them stand out on a phone or tablet. You can certainly get an idea of what we can achieve for you, but not necessarily communicate how much of an impact our structures have. Then again, by enticing you through our phone-friendly site, perhaps you will be that much keener to get onto your laptop, PC or iMac and explore more of what we have to offer. That’s the hope, anyway.

So wherever you are, we hope you can start to enjoy the full range of stands and designs we can offer you, through whatever means is most accessible to you.


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